What is the Nerdiest music of all time?

What is the Nerdiest music you can think of?

It isn't Weird Al Yankovic. He's too close to the mainstream.

It isn't Classical music, because lots of non-nerds listen to classical music.

It is fantasy music bands like Rhapsody. And we're not talking about the soundtrack from "Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit" films. No, no, no!

We're talking about Rhapsody or those bands which are similar to Rhapsody.

So what is Rhapsody???

Rhapsody (aka Rhapsody of Fire) is an Italian symphonic power metal band... And all of their music is fantasy themed. So beyond nerdy. Super nerdy.

And it should be noted that Rhapsody was so successful that the band split into two, with a second band being amicably created called 'Luca Turilli's Rhapsody'. So now it is two separate bands creating fantasy music, both effectively known as Rhapsody.

There are other bands, less well known, that are similar to Rhapsody and producing their own brand / style of fantasy music, but honestly... When it comes to longevity and sheer nerdiness, Rhapsody is the king of nerd music.

Metalocalypse ranks up there too, as a TV show, but honestly Metalocalypse was basically inspired by Rhapsody (and bands like Rhapsody).

Don't believe me? Listen to two of Rhapsody's albums below. This is just a taste however. Rhapsody has over a dozen albums available and has been producing new music from the 1990s to the 2020s.


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