Where is Wakanda on the Map?


Where is Wakanda?

On a map? In theory?

Well, it depends upon who you ask, and when.

According to this 2008 map from Marvel, Wakanda is north-east of Nigeria.

A different version from 2010 shows Wakanda as busy between Ethiopia and Kenya.

Another version claims that Wakanda is between the DRC and Tanzania, with Uganda to the north.

Or is that supposed to be Uganda and Kenya to the south???

Indeed, when you do the research there are about 7 to 8 different possible locations of Wakanda. With different dates attached to the maps.

It is almost as if the people at Marvel cannot decide WHERE to put Wakanda...

Maybe the country keeps moving due to magic or time paradoxes?

Meanwhile... The hidden island city of Kase, from the Charles Moffat books The Dragontree of Kase and The Dragonslayers of Kase, is very easy to find. It is a specified number of nautical miles off the coast from Snake Island in Nigeria. The only trick is that it is hidden from satellites and prying eyes thanks to magic.

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