1 Million Visitors to Nerdovore.com

This past year (sometime in October 2020) Nerdovore.com surpassed 1 million visitors and this fact went unnoticed until February 2021.

Honestly I have just been so busy during 2020 I didn't notice.

I only noticed today because I was adding a new YouTube button to make it easier for people subscribe to my Charles Moffat YouTube channel and I randomly decided to check the stats for the blog.

I started Nerdovore in July 2011, which means we are nearing the 10 year anniversary 5 months from now. Since then the website has grown in leaps and bounds.

Nerdovore became profitable in February 2015, so I registered the domain name Nerdovore.com at that time. So that is another anniversary of sorts. It has now been 6 years of profitability for this blog.

You will notice that the Google ads take up very little space on the blog itself. This works for me because I prefer advertising to be as minimal as possible. You will however notice that there is considerably more space used for marketing my fantasy books.

As an extra measure of profitability I have also been using Nerdovore.com to advertise both my fantasy books on Amazon and my archery lessons in Toronto business. So "profitability" is really just a matter of how many people purchase my books or how many people sign up for archery lessons in Toronto.

While it hasn't made me super rich, it has afforded me a life of comfort and I get to enjoy being my own boss, setting my own schedule, etc. I get to shoot arrows for a living, watch other people shoot arrows, and then go home and write fantasy books about shooting monsters with arrows. I love it!

What are the most popular posts on Nerdovore.com?

Easily the fantasy maps. 6 of the top 10 most popular posts currently on Nerdovore are about fantasy maps. In general the top 10 most popular posts make up a large healthy percentage of that first 1 million visitors. People come looking for fantasy maps and they generally find what they are looking for.

That said I am still planning on adding more future posts about other fantasy maps and also science fiction maps too.


What are some of my favourite posts?

I really enjoyed doing the interviews with fantasy authors a year ago, but when COVID happened I got distracted and stopped doing the interviews. I would like to do them again sometime.

What would I like to change about Nerdovore.com?

Well... I would like to do more YouTube videos. That is definitely a big thing for me right now. Promoting youtube.com/c/CharlesMoffatToronto is a big part of my marketing plans for my fantasy books during the next decade.

There is also a separate Nerdovore youtube channel, but I am less worried about it. Technically the Nerdovore channel is more popular, but I want to grow youtube.com/c/CharlesMoffatToronto so I can build an audience and post a lot more fantasy book reviews. My goal in 2021 is to be posting at least 1 new fantasy book review per month.

As part of that it means I need to be doing more fantasy book reviews that end up being posted on Nerdovore too.

Thus while I had fun doing the fantasy author interviews last year, my big thing this year is to be writing a lot more fantasy book reviews.

Note - I will not be writing any book reviews about books that I dislike. I am not a fan of writing (or reading) negative book reviews. Part of it is I don't like to be inadvertently advertising a book that I dislike.

I would also like to be posting more food recipes for "Nerd Foods". That is something else I want to do more of. Especially cookie recipes. Who doesn't want more cookies???

So what does the future hold?

Well, I don't expect it to take another 9.5 years to reach the 2 million visitors mark. I do expect the popularity of Nerdovore.com to continue to grow, especially as I post more fantasy maps and book reviews - as well as generic nerd culture stuff. Between posting more maps and book reviews I foresee Nerdovore.com continuing to grow in popularity.

During 2020 Nerdovore.com garnered 157,000+ visitors, with similar numbers in 2018 and 2019. The last three years has seen a huge increase in the website's popularity. With a little extra effort I foresee it could top 200,000 or 250,000 visitors during 2021 or 2022.

Thus I foresee putting more work into growing Nerdovore (and making it more profitable). If it could be getting 300,000+ visitors per year by 2023 - or sooner - then I would be quite pleased with its progress as a blog.

Also keep in mind I have other blogs that I devote my time to, but I do foresee posting on Nerdovore.com more frequently in the future as I continue to build an audience.



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