Downtime Magical Items for 5th Edition D&D

In 5th Edition D&D activities that PCs do during non-adventure time is known as "Downtime Activities". Downtime Activities are described on the following pages:
  • PHB pages 186 - 187
  • DMG pages 127 - 131
Depending on the Dungeon Master, downtime activities can play an important, interesting, and integral part of their campaign. Downtime Activities include things like:
  • Building a Stronghold
  • Carousing
  • Crafting Magical Items
  • Crafting Non-Magical Items
  • Gaining Renown
  • Maintaining / Renovating Property (including maintenance costs)
  • Operating a Garrison of Soldiers
  • Performing Sacred Rites
  • Practicing a Profession
  • Recuperating (from Major Injuries / Disease / Poison)
  • Researching Topics
  • Running a Business
  • Selling Magic Items
  • Sowing Rumours
  • Training to Gain Languages / Tool Skill
  • Training to Gain Levels
But what if there were magical items that could aid in these Downtime Activities? Well, here are some ideas for such items that would have benefits in the game.

Architect's Drafting Tools
This set of tools reduce the time required to build a stronghold or other structure by 10%.

The tools allow the Architect to optimize the design of the building to make it more time efficient to build. The overall cost of the structure is not effected, but the time savings can be useful. An architect or engineer using these tools while practicing their profession can effectively earn 10% more income.

Lucky Carousing Hat
Gives a +10% bonus downtime carousing checks. +2 saves vs alcohol.

Notes - Useless in combat. Great during a drinking contest. Encourages players to spend downtime carousing, which makes for interesting plot developments and can lead to quests. Thus the hat is a tool the DM can use to deliver quest hooks.

Desk of the Enchanter
Reduces time required to craft magical items by 10%. If there is a roll to determine success of the enchantment process there is a 10% bonus to the chance of success.

This solid oak desk is topped with obsidian and radiates strong enchantment magic, a number of magical devices are in the drawers of the desk useful for speeding up the process of enchantment. It speeds up the process of making magical items, but does not effect the cost. Normally it costs 25 gp per day to craft magical items. Using this desk the cost is 27.5 gp per day. This does not include lifestyle expenses, so in theory the user saves both time and lifestyle expenses.

Hammer of the Holy Weaponsmith
When used to craft or repair metal weapons of any kind that are normally metal, this hammer has the added effect of imbuing the weapon with the effect of being "holy" to a good god.

This does not confer any bonus to hit or damage, but simply the ability that the weapon is considered holy when used to attack undead, demons and similar critters. This may, at the DM's discretion, allow it to bypass certain kinds of weapon resistances and immunities. When used to repair an unholy or evil weapon, the hammer will purify the weapon and remove any evil enchantments or curses on the weapon. Evil artifacts are immune to this effect. The hammer has no effect on attempts to craft or repair armour or other items.

The Merchant's Silver Tongue
This silver necklace boosts interactions with NPCs by +2 when attempting to sell items, and any sale price is boosted by 10% due to the seller's "likeability".

This item can be used for selling magical items or any number of non-magical items, new or used. It is only useful for selling items however. It has no effect on purchasing or bartering items.

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