"Sight", is this the future of Nerd Dating?

Below is a short film named "Sight". It presents an interesting prediction of what dating might be like in the future if people started wearing Augmented Reality Contact Lenses. Which is honestly pretty creepy. (As if nerds were not creepy enough and socially awkward, now they can secretly stalk you online while simultaneously staring at your breasts.)

So I don't think "Augmented Reality Contact Lenses" are going to hit the market any time soon, and even if they did so within the next 50 years I doubt they would be as useful as the short film suggests. More likely they would have a host of technical problems, extremely short battery life, and limited capabilities.

Take cellphones for example. Do they really make your life easier? The batteries are constantly running low (or worse, dying after 2 or 3 years, right before your contract expires), and there are definitely times when it would actually be easier to use a lan line. Or skype. Or Google Phone. Whatever.

Lost? Bring a map with you. Learn how to use a map. (Any child of mine will learn how to use a map and which way north is, that is for certain.)

Sometimes technology just can't compete with old school things like maps, pencils and paper. eg. I still prefer to use pen and paper during business meetings.

Anywho back to the topic of nerds dating...

These days there are generic websites like POF and OKCupid that provide free personals, which means people (nerds especially) have no problems finding other nerds to date. There are also personal websites that now specialize specifically in nerds. matchgeeks.com, geeknerddating.com, nerdpassions.com, etc.

But do any of those personals sites make nerds any less socially awkward? Or do they just make it easier for 1 nerd to ask out 50 people in 30 minutes, and if he/she gets one response that later leads to a date, that seems like a good results right?

Except the awkwardness is still there. The date might go horrible.

Dating apps and personals essentially ignore the problem that causes nerds to be socially awkward in the first place: Lack of self esteem.

Take the man in the short film as an example. He is apparently a talented software developer. Spends a lot of time indoors. Has a pretty boring apartment if he ever takes his contact lenses off. Is trying to appear more "sporty" by wearing a sports jacket. Compensates for his lack of social skills by using a "Wingman App" that tells him how to behave in front of women.

All of this points to his low self esteem, lack of social skills, and general incompetence with women. Clearly this is a man who desperately needs relationship advice.

And then the end of the film (SPOILER ALERT) he somehow hacks into her ocular account and causes her to freeze in motion, apparently confused by flashing lights or whatever from her contacts - in which case she should have logically just removed them and kept walking.


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