Fascinating Glitch on DDO's "Don't Drink the Water"

So I am playing Dungeons and Dragons Online (right now as I type this) and just a few moments ago I encountered an interesting glitch in the quest "Don't Drink the Water".

At the end of the quest is a green dragon (the culprit who was poisoning the water) and as is my usual tactic when fighting dragons, I like to stay close to its rear and stay away from its breath weapon and claws.

Today I did a slightly different tactic and got a fascinating result.

Instead of staying to the rear of the dragon, and moving around him as he tries to bite me, I instead ran circles around him near his feet, while smacking him with my flaming burst greater dragon bane warhammer (huzzah).

Suddenly, the dragon ran off into the corner and started spinning around like a dog looking for a place to nap. It was clearly glitching, just spinning in circles and trying to attack something that wasn't there.

So I just stood back and used a throwing hammer to whittle him down. See the screenshot below.

Once he was whittled down I ran back in and finished him off with my flaming burst greater dragon bane warhammer (again, huzzah).

I think DDO should be notified of this particular glitch, as it was rather amusing. I may attempt to exploit this glitch again in the future and see if it repeats itself. Or maybe not, because it was rather boring and felt like I was cheating.

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