Star Wars Episodes 8 and 9

Episode 8 Spoilers

Rey is actually Rey Kenobi, but they won't reveal how that happened until episode 9.

Kylo Ren falls in love with Rey but the feelings are not mutual so he starts stalking her.

Rey tells him "Lets just be friends. Just as soon as you join the light."

Kylo Ren throws a temper tantrum and kills multiple underlings. He swears that if he can't have her then nobody will and goes on a killing rampage.

Luke kicks Kylo Ren's ass, but stops short of killing him and Kylo Ren escapes.

End credits.

Episode 9 Spoilers

Rey Kenobi finds out who her parents are and what happened partway through the film. She questions her allegiance to the light but ultimately stays true and good.

Luke dies defeating the dark lord whatshisname.

Big explosions.

Kylo Ren tries to kill Rey on his masters orders but when opportunity strikes, he does not. He gets shot in the back by a supporting cast member.

Dancing Ewoks.

End credits.

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