Map of Starling City (from TVs Arrow / Comicbooks Green Arrow)

Where is Starling City from the TV show Arrow?

Well, admittedly there is no Starling City (or Star City if you read the Green Arrow comic books).

But the photography of the city is that of Vancouver, Canada.

However within the TV show you do sometimes glimpse a map of the city (which looks a bit like a map of Vancouver).

Like this subway map of Starling City, which shows the location of the Glades and gives you a decent idea of the layout of the city.

Turned sideways and then compared to a map of Vancouver it looks vaguely like the watery bit is Vancouver Harbour, and the red bridge going across is part of the Trans Canada Highway. But maybe they just based it loosely off of a map of Vancouver since the show is filmed there.

And then there is the Island of Lian Yu where Oliver Queen / Green Arrow was trapped for five years... Shown in the map below.

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