Season One of Arrow, can't wait for Season Two!

So Season One of Arrow has finished. I can't wait for Season Two!

Season 1 of the TV show "Arrow" ended tonight with some epic battles, archery, and heartbreaking / shocking emotional twists. I won't spoil any of the details if you haven't seen it yet, but I am going to SPECULATE on what season two will have...

1. Guaranteed More Deadshot!

Season Two will include some flashbacks showing how Diggle's brother was killed by Deadshot / Floyd Lawton and how Diggles vendetta against Deadshot began. The assassin murdered his brother and Diggle has been wanting to bring in Deadshot (dead or alive???) ever since.

So rest assured that we will be seeing a lot more of Deadshot.

2. Roy Harper becoming Red Arrow!

Roy will catch up to Oliver at some point in Season Two and begin his training to become Red Arrow. That should be interesting to watch.

"We'll definitely find out how Oliver feels about taking Roy on as part of the team in Season 2," says producer / writer Andrew Kreisberg. "Oliver Queen and Roy Harper will have a long and storied career together. As with all of these things, especially stuff that's derived from the comic books, we've tried to both satisfy fans' expectations, and turn them on their head. I think that Roy's desire to be under the Arrow and Oliver's desire to be as private a person as possible are going to collide."

3. More of the Island of Lian Yu

Lian Yu is a mountainous island, but so far we've only seen the lower lying parts. There is a lot more to explore on the island and Oliver has barely scratched the surface.

Story wise Oliver, Slade and Shado are still stuck on the island... and they have the missiles, which the unknown female gangster wants so she can damage China's economy. Whoever she is we will probably be seeing more of her in Season Two.

4. Diggle and Felicity centric flashbacks.

The Diggle flashbacks are a guarantee, thanks to the whole Deadshot storyline, but we can also expect flashbacks of Felicity - and perhaps an enemy from Felicity's past coming back to haunt her.

The Diggle flashbacks will no doubt deal with his time in Afghanistan, but also with the death of his brother. What Felicity's past might hold is anyone's guess.

5. Thea Queen.

I don't want to spoil last night's finale, but there is a scene where Thea shows off her aim... But did you know that in the comicbook universe of Green Arrow that she later becomes "Red Arrow" too? Yes, there is two Red Arrows. Thea is the 2nd of them. So at some point in the future, maybe not season two, but possibly by season three, we will see Thea taking up archery and dramatically improving her skills.

On an emotional level Thea has really matured during Season One. And will no doubt continue to mature, no longer the spoiled brat but a responsible woman.


Its what everyone is waiting to see. Just a glimpse of Batman in Season Two of Arrow. The producers and writers have already discussed the possibility in public, hinting and teasing it, but if they do it then guaranteed they will want Batman to be every bit as epic as when Green Arrow first made his appearance in Smallville.

And if we're lucky adding Batman as a guest star will lead to a spinoff Batman TV show - just like Smallville's introduction of Green Arrow led to the Arrow TV show.

Because lets face it, Green Arrow and Batman working together is just totally epic.

7. Moira and Walter.

Walter may have sued for divorce, but don't count your arrows until they've all been shot. He and Moira are likely to reconcile - especially since [ SPOILER ALERT! ] Moira confessed to her crimes for being complicit in the planning of the destruction of the Glades.

8. Oliver gets his own place.

Amell just hopes Oliver moves out of his mom's house soon enough. "God, I hope so," he says. "I mean, he's like 30 years old! He needs to get his own apartment. Quote me on that one."

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