Will the next Batman movie be a reboot or a sequel?

The recent reboot of Spider-Man into "The Amazing Spider-Man" came a little too soon on the heels of the previous film.

Yes, the new film is a good film. Just as good as the previous films. But it annoyed fans that they came out with the new film so quickly... or at least it feels that way. There was a 5 year gap between the two films.

And now that the Batman Trilogy is done (assuming it is done)... what next? Does Robin become the new Batman and they continue the franchise storyline with a new actor? (In the comics Robin eventually becomes the new Batman too.)

Warner Brothers execs seem to be keeping their cards very close to their collective vests on this topic.

After all, what can they do next? Batman Begins set a new grittier standard for superhero filmmaking, making it clear that films could be realistic, gritty, and that a superhero's early beginnings should be more about the learning process and an evolution into the superhero.

Or do we go back to the old style of Batman films... which was childish, outlandish and ridiculous?

Fans of Batman evidently enjoyed both, but the new Batman films were definitely more successful and got far more praise for their realism.

Awhile back the studio execs revealed they were planning to reboot the franchise after Nolan concluded his trilogy, but the end of “The Dark Knight Rises” clearly leaves the door open for another sequel - a 4th film. So maybe they are now rethinking this and wondering if there is potential there for a new Robin film - or a Batman film wherein Robin becomes the new Batman.

Which frankly seems like the only logical conclusion at this point, because trying to reboot this particular series will be tricky. If they try to go back to the old way of doing it, wherein the hero and villains are more childish and ridiculous... well then it might be the first Batman film to flop horribly.

And then there is the matter of the Justice League.

DC would love to make a whole series of films for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (that film sucked BTW), Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash and so forth and have them all come together as the Justice League.

But to do that and do it properly they need to find actors which the audience loves, make films which are successful, and bring them all together in a well-knit series that is interconnected.

And that is tricky to pull off. The frequent changes of actors in the Hulk films prove that.

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