The Holy Sword

The Magic Sword is an older movie from 1962. Also known as St. George and the Dragon, or St. George and the Seven Curses, the film isn't particularly well written and the actors are sorta barely above par by today's standards.

And the different accents by the various knights are hilariously bad.

However if you love clich├ęs in old films, this one will be of interest.

Especially the sword itself if you are into Dungeons and Dragons, because the sword is essentially a "Holy Avenger" from D&D. Except that this predates D&D, which makes one wonder if this film is actually the inspiration for the Holy Avenger sword found in Dungeons and Dragons. I think it quite possibly is the inspiration, unless of course this film is based off a different sword of a holy sword which dispels evil magic.

Anyway, below is the whole film available for free from YouTube. Huzzah!

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