The Nerdiest Foods you can Make

Yes, you could make a Darth Vader cake or even a cake in the shape of the Starship Enterprise... but baking a cake isn't exactly nerdy by itself.

What I am talking about is not so much the shape or decoration of the food (although I admit d20 dice shaped cookies rock)... No wait I am talking about is some serious foodstuffs that only a real "food nerd" would try and make.

For example anyone can make spaghetti. But you would have to be really into pasta and a tad nerdy to want to go through the extra effort required to make lasagna... and then maybe decorate it to look like the Millenium Falcon.

Do you see my point?

You see my definition of "nerdy food" is not hot pockets, grilled cheese sandwiches, Ritz crackers, junk food, Pop Tarts, Ramen noodles or string cheese. I realize that some people out there have a different definition that nerdy food is basically any food that requires very little preparation time and can be consumed easily by someone glued to a computer screen 24/7.


My definition of nerdy food is something COMPLICATED TO MAKE and would require significant effort on the part of the "food nerd" making it... and then upping the ante a bit.

For example I once attended a somewhat nerdy dinner party where every dish on the table was SWEDISH. Right down to the pureed pea soup and caribou cutlets with a special Swedish sauce. The meal evidently took effort to make.

I will give you another example...

Luca the Chef, makes what he calls "Mediterrasian Food" (and he also teaches Italian cooking lessons in Toronto). Its basically just a mix of Mediterranean and Asian food. It sounds tasty (and nerdy) I must admit.

Now I can't see many "regular nerds" taking private cooking lessons, but there are probably quite a few "food nerds" who would be interested in cooking lessons in Toronto.

But then once you've learned how to cook Italian or "Mediterrasian Food" then your real challenge is... can you decorate it to look like the Babylon 5 space station???

My point is that nerd food isn't something you should go out and buy. Anyone can stick a Hot Pocket in the microwave.

But it takes effort and some Nerd Power to make noodles, rice and veggies to look like a Wookie!

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