5 Nerdy Things to do on Facebook

Guest Post by Suzanne MacNevin

#1. Write an Interactive Story with your Friends.


#2. Interactive Roleplaying

Like the storytelling above, but instead you each 'play' your own fictional character and the players describe their characters actions and interactions. Similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but without the dice and the miniatures.

#3. Share 80s and 90s Nostalgia Music Videos

(Video not shown.)

#4. Promote your Nerdy Obsessions to non-Nerds


"Hey Jeffrey, have you ever read She-Hulk? No? Its an amazing story about a lawyer who is Bruce Banner's cousin and she is dying and he saves her with a blood transfusion... and the next thing you know she has Hulk's powers and beats the crap out of supervillains and the mafia..."

#5. Write Nerdy Lists like this one...

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