I am conducting a series of interviews with various fantasy authors. Some of them friends, some colleagues I have never met.

The First Round of questions I ask fantasy authors is at Fantasy Author Interview Questions. The Second Round of questions is optional, and really depends on whether I feel there is something unanswered I feel is missing.

For readers this is a great way to learn about new authors they have never read before.

For writers this is an excellent way to attract new readers to their audience. Free advertising effectively.

For me, this is something to do that brings in a larger audience of both readers and writers to Plus it helps to advertise my own books. Everyone wins by the service I am providing.

Fantasy authors with 2 or more books published (or self-published) looking to take part should contact me via email ( or leave a comment below with a way to contact you back.

Why do I have a 2 book minimum? Is this a bar where authors have to buy at least 2 drinks?

Well the answer is simple actually. I am looking for fantasy authors who are more serious about what they are doing. Dedicated. Determined. Trigger-happy when it comes to both writing and publishing. The type of fantasy author who is going places, kicking asterisks and taking notes.

Happy Writing / Reading!

Look at this guy! Okay so maybe he is left-handed, or maybe
he is just so trigger-happy he doesn't care which hand he shoots with?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds good, I've seen your question page (round one) and I'm up for it if you are... Neil Mach


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