The Octopus is Eating Me!

Octopi are actually some of the smartest critters in the ocean. Perhaps even smarter than dolphins.

Octopi are great problem solvers. They can even use tools (the advantage of having 8 arms with suckers on them) to accomplish tasks.

Which begs the question, what if the octopi rise up and attack human kind?

Oh sure, we don't think it could happen. Its like Terminators and the Zombies, coming to get us... but unlike Terminators and Zombies octopi are REAL and they're surprisingly smart.

The question then becomes just how smart are those octopi?

Well in comparison to other fish (who can't problem solve at all) they're freaking Einsteins. Its been speculated that octopi are learning at a quickening pace and what is disturbing is that they not only learn quickly, but they also teach what they learn to other octopi.

The other octopi pick up on what is being taught very quickly and can even come up with their own ingenious solutions. Octopi, the nerds of the ocean!

Don't believe me? Watch the following videos:

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