Nerdy Girls are Sexy, Redux

Sequel to Nerdy Girls are Sexy

Need I say more?

Very well, I shall say more.

Why is intelligence in women only considered attractive if she is wearing a cosplay costume, superhero costume, dressed as a storm trooper, etc?

Why do some men claim to love nerdy women, but then treat women with disdain when it comes to the topic of female gamers (a la gamergate)?

And while we are at it, isn't it obvious why many women end up being turned off by fantasy artwork (a la Boris Vallejo) since women are so often reduced to scantily clad Amazon princesses / slave girls in such artwork?

Take Princess Leia for example... What is the most iconic images of her? White Robes with a blaster or Slave Girl Outfit with a long chain? Answer, slave girl outfit.

Yes, okay, I get it - men enjoy looking at these things, and sex sells lightsabers.

If we are lucky episodes VIII and IX of Star Wars will NOT be showing Rey (whom I believe to be "Rey Kenobi") in any sort of skimpy outfits. Hopefully it will be because times have changed and Disney is hoping for a more family friendly approach to Star Wars - especially since lots of kids watch Star Wars films.

On the television side of things lets take a quick look at The Big Bang Theory...

Ranked by descending intelligence, Amy, Bernadette and Penny is the logical order.

However ranked by ascending attractiveness, the order is the same: Amy, Bernadette and Penny.

Amy is the most intelligent and considered to be the least attractive, while Penny is the most attractive and considered to be the least intelligent. It is basically a sliding scale, with Bernadette in the middle who is both attractive and intelligent, but not as much as either Penny or Amy in the respective fortes.

Having a character who is both super intelligent and super attractive is apparently a no-go according to the show, asserting the concept that brains and beauty cannot occupy the same package (although some characters who appeared in one or two episodes would qualify for that category, they appear to be exception and reduced to an "one time thing").


And now just to freak you out a bit... A female predator. Hopefully only a small percentage of you enjoy that. Weirdos.

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