Nerds Who Love Asian Women

Nerds (male nerds that is) have enough problems finding girlfriends that it makes it even more difficult if they have a fascination for Asian women - possibly from watching too much Japanese Anime.

The photo on the left of an Asian woman dressed up as a character from a Japanese Anime TV show is just an example of the kinds of fantasies nerdy male asiaphiles have. It is essentially an unrealistic fantasy that they would ever meet such a woman. The type of women who would dress up like that are, on the whole, pretty rare.

Thus nerdy male asiaphiles end up looking for 'normal' Asian women to date - and white it is true that there are lots of Chinese women who cannot find a husband it is also unlikely that they will be looking outside their own culture to meet someone they like.

The problem is that many nerds are also socially awkward and even if they did meet a nice girl, they would likely fall for many of the relationship pitfalls that come with interracial dating.

Thus I recommend these nerds should read 10 Tips for Dating Asian People, which explains the dos and don't of interracial dating with Asians. Maybe then some of these nerds will have a clue about what they should be doing during such a relationship if they are actually serious about it.

And while we are it, this also goes double for white women looking to date Asian men. Walking Dead photo below aside, both men and women need to remember they are dating a person - not some character stereotype from a TV show.

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