Female Robin Hood?

This comic book confuses me. Is it a female version of Robin Hood?

I am guessing it is just an excuse to show lots of skin in a comic book.

After all in that day and age women certainly did not wear corsets like that - and that corset is both unrealistic and shows off way too much skin to be anything more than a scrap designed to visually squeeze her goodies closer together.

Couple that with the fact that she is apparently left eye dominant (and has a magical eye?) and carrying what looks to be a magical golden longbow, I am guessing this comic book is so over the top ridiculous that it would be a waste of time to read it.

Is it too much to ask for more realism in comic books? I don't mind the female Robin Hood, but the extra skin and reliance on magic defeats the purpose of what archery is for.

Compare that to Green Arrow - a superhero with no superpowers. (Like Batman!)

Or the original Robin Hood, again no superpowers. Just pure archery skill.

The writers and artist clearly didn't think this through, they are just seeking the lowest denominator of comic book buyers - men who buy comic books so they can look at a woman's goodies. (Which they can do for free on the internet...)

Conclusions... get real! Come up with something original instead of relying on skin to get sales and magic to make a lame plot.

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